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About Eyes On Richmond

There's something about fabulously made, great quality eyeglasses that discriminating buyers recognize the instant they try them on. We have sourced exclusive European designer eyewear frames for men and women in styles that ensure you have the selection to find that special look. We never grow tired of the excitement and appreciation shown by a client whose new pair of eyeglasses suits them so well. It is gratifying when that individual feels like they have received the utmost care and they can't wait to tell their family and friends where they bought their eyeglasses.

Eyes on Richmond has been in business since 1985, providing eyewear needs to London and area.

Owner Rob Moffatt is a longstanding eyewear professionals who know that the little things make a big difference. Together they have been retailing eyewear for almost 60 years, and while many advancements in the eye care field have taken place, their philosophy remains the same: Clients deserve the best eyewear they can get.

Succeeding as an independent optical retailer in today's world means setting yourself apart, going against the grain, being worth talking about. Rob strives every day to make for excited clients excited about their new eyewear. Their commitment to the little details shows in Eyes on Richmond customers' satisfaction.

Rob Moffatt Proprietor

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Today eyewear is sexy. The eyewear business evolved into a fashion business, that’s what triggered my desire to be an optician.

When I opened Eyes on Richmond in 1985 - 28 years ago - my dream was to create an optical business a cut above the competition both in service and eyewear design (creation). Enjoy wearing eyeglasses was my goal.

With the help of fantastic frame designers worldwide, mission accomplished. I can honestly say coming to work each day is fun.

Thanks, London.

Gayle Harrison Optician

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As a long time resident of downtown London, you might have seen me pedalling around on my faithful bicycle, Pearl. I love living and working in this neighbourhood and am excited to be joining the Eyes On Richmond team.

Becoming a Licensed Optician was a mid-life career change for me and it was an honour to be named Ontario's Optician of the Year in 2014. An important part of my practice has been working in developing countries such as the Dominican Republic and my next project will be in Malawi, Africa.

It's such a pleasure to serve my patients in finding the most beautiful glasses that give them the best view of the world. Everyone should put on their glasses feeling that they just love how they look and how much better they see.

Mary Lou Cosby Optician

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I am happily married with two lovely grown daughters. My husband and I love to spend time at our Northern Ontario cottage, with friends and family. We love to travel, snowmobile in the winter, and play beach volleyball.

We love the customer interaction, and meeting new people everyday. We focus on building a raport, so that clients return again and again. Providing the best customer experience has always been priority #1.

Today, glasses are so much more than a medical device, which is still an important role. With technology, and advancement in lens design, it's a much easier task to achieve today.

These days, glasses are fun, they are sexy, they are fashionable. They're not just a way to see, but a way to be seen!